“Very easy to imagine being played in major arenas

– Ruben Gran, NRK P3
Based in Norway
Founded in 2014
Genre: #Rock #Alternative 

Alternative-rock band Sweet Scarlet has built an incredibly solid reputation and following for their massively powerful song structures and passionate delivery. With music that incorporates high doses of energy, sincere emotion and performances that sound like their very lives depend on success, this band of electrifying, unified talent is amped up and ready to bring rock music back to the tops of playlists & charts around the globe.


Currently playing shows and festivals all throughout the stages of Norway in support of their second album NEW being released, Sweet Scarlet continues to build around the buzz and critical acclaim. In addition to incredibly high streams, views & listens on both YouTube and Spotify, the music of Sweet Scarlet has truly found a global audience and has been played on radio stations from Japan, Canada, USA, and Australia, as well as their very own homeland.


The people continue to respond to the powerful impact of the music of Sweet Scarlet, and it’s through that support from their fans that genuinely pushes them to constantly outdo the night before last and be the best version of the band possible, each & every time you see or hear them. Determined to outwork the rest, Sweet Scarlet is a band built on high standards of excellence, captivating music and incredible energy all geared towards providing an experience in sound you’ll never forget.

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© 2020 by SWEET SCARLET | Org. nummer: 914 899 583

Post: Kystkulturveien 292, 9470 GRATANGEN


Finnsnes, 2016

Photo: Lisa Bakkelund