“Very easy to imagine being played in major arenas

– Ruben Gran, NRK P3
Based in Norway
Founded in 2014
Genre: #Rock #Alternative 








Sweet Scarlet is a Norwegian band based in Oslo, which has built a solid reputation for their powerful song structures and passionate delivery. With music that is largely based on a wall of sound and sincere feelings, the band is described by many as very international in their expression.


In addition to over 2 million streams on Spotify, the music of Sweet Scarlet has felt the beginning of having a global audience, and has been played on radio stations in Japan, Canada, the USA and Australia, as well as Norway.


The band has been through a 4-year creative rebirth that has resulted in new songs with a sound that is difficult to categorize without having to look internationally. The single Can You Hear Me Now from 2020 set a new standard for Sweet Scarlet, and this year the band has had an enormous development both creatively and technically.


With the single RUN, Sweet Scarlet has again pushed their limits, and delivered a song that to a greater extent than ever before focuses on commercial hooks and melodies in a way that is generally seen in modern pop music, but delivered in a way that undoubtedly shakes the room the way we have become accustomed to hearing Sweet Scarlet.

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